Kare Williams
Kare Williams


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Rowing
CrossFit Strongman Coach
Iron Athlete Olympic Lifting Coach

Owner/Programmer/Head Coach

Kare Williams

Kare has been an avid athlete for most of her adult life. She began her athletic career at The University of Washington, where she rowed with the Varsity Crew team and earned her BA. She spent the next 21 years working in Emergency Medicine as a ground and flight paramedic.

In 2008, Kare began training, competing in, and coaching CrossFit. She was a part-time coach at CrossFit Northwest Tucson for six years, coaching CrossFit Kids, rowing clinics, and adult classes. She is an Iron Athlete Rowing Instructor and has won multiple national and international CrossFit and Rowing Competitions.

In 2014, Kare left EMS and began working full-time as a CrossFit coach, developing the Competitive program for CrossFit Northwest Tucson in addition to assuming head coach and Manager responsibilities at CrossFit Purgatory.

In 2016, her dreams of running her own gym were realized when she and her husband started a new life adventure by creating CrossFit Milo which became Milo Fitness Factory in 2020.